Thursday, July 8, 2010

Secret Tip #8

Developing Your Self Discipline Totally

Do you know why people succeed and failed? It's simple, they succeed because they love to do things repeatedly, which people who failed don't. A person who fail and never succeed sticks on doing routines that are only comfortable, people who succeed are very busy to produce results. Just like the message in one of my posts, you must learn from your failure because it is the way to your financial success.

To develop self discipline means to keep hold of your choices whatever happens. When your taking a look in the life of people who succeeds, those who keep building wealth even though their life before came from poverty. You will soon observe that this people are disciplined and they are holding on to this habit to build their wealth. 

Many expert psychologists are saying that in order for you to nurture your self discipline, establishing the habit that you'll do passionately is needed. The truth is, to do something constantly like for 10 days straight, it can become a permanent habit for life and will become part of yourself.

But, for example, you've got that habit to procrastinate on things that really matters, just try removing it, to do things pertinently for a period of 2-3 weeks. By the time of this attempt to put away procrastination, you will surely observe that you're not doing it anymore and you also have develop the habit to do the important things first. 

If you are a disciplined person, you'll surely have that ability of doing the things when you must do it already. You need to try change one attitude on one time; analyze yourself as a person and point out where you're lacking discipline. Mastery of one's self will be a sweet reward you will have in your life. What points in yourself is stopping you in the chances to succeed eventually in life?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Secret Tip # 7

Choose the Type of People you Deal With

Are you knowledgeable of the fact that lots of wealthy people have the usual behavior of maintaining, keeping and building a lasting relationship? It's because our life is involved with relationships. Just observe and judge for yourself, when is the time you succeed? Is it because you do it by yourself or its due to the fact that people are helping you to move ahead and you're helping them to?

People will be your very crucial asset. When you like persevering for your goals to become successful, you'll be needing people in order to assist you with it. You need to learn how to understand, observe, listen, as well as relate with people around you. If people are seeing that you're valuing time, you're understanding their need, to respect them as friends and honor them on feelings, they'll surely join up with your friendship and keep it to high confidence level. If there is a high confidence with your friends, acquaintances or co-workers, there will be trust that will be including money matters. 

Deal with happy, confident and optimistic type of people. Keep in touch with this type of people and you need to be aware of their wants and needs. Always remember that: you cannot soar high with an eagle when you love to scratch with turkeys. Always prepare soaring high. 


Monday, July 5, 2010

Secret Tip # 6

Be Focused in Everything You Do

You need to accomplish your dream goal, but you need to watch over it so you won't be losing sight to your plans. There's a chance that when you're to focused with your future, which leads to miss other opportunities. Try developing the focus that is single minded; it means that you need to know your priorities of long and short term basis.

In order to assist you in keeping everything within focus, just think of your goals every time. Why should you? Because in everything that you've focused in mind it will grow and then increase on a daily basis. When you're on a continuous move on your dream goal, they'll surely move close by till you make it come true. Always remember that you'll truly achieved what you regularly think of.

As an example, who would have dreamed of being labeled as retarded, due to the fact that he immigrate from Mexico to Texas, USA and not used on the type of education, during the administration of the school's IQ exam for English. That is the reason why Guadalupe Quintana drop out from her school and eventually get married, thus, she was not able to finish her learning of English.

When she was already 30 years old, she doesn't liker her own children to suffer the pain of what happened to her. Thus, decided on focusing to her major dream goal: she will be going back, for schooling purpose. After she was rejected in school's twice, Lupe was accepted eventually for an education on highschool as well as college degree, she eventually earned her doctorate for an education of multi-cultural type course. After 30 years, she became a CEO for a company to train those people of cross cultural heritage and she also serve to lots of position on the government for 4 presidents of US.

Secret Tip # 5

Develop your Winning Habit and Attitude

When you are that type of person who is very persistent of things you like to get, you should develop the habits, traits, skills, attitudes as well as your other characteristics that might help in becoming successful. Just try identifyng that type of habit and attitude you are really excellent and those habits or attitudes that you'll be able to use like that of being energetic, goal oriented, determined, motivated, persistent, hard worker, organized, outgoing, cooperative and a lot more.

They are few of those winning habits, the well-known people have and the reason why they keep succeeding in life. When you do not have these habits, it's really the excellent time that you develop those.

Just an example, an attitude that makes self made millionaires win all throughout their years in life will be persistence. Like the story of Col. Sanders, he is the owner of KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken, he's very persistent to offer his recipe of chicken to the restaurants in different states of US, he is traveling even though he sleeps in the car already. To often he is rejected in that different restaurants he traveled, his efforts are worth it because afterward someone like his chicken. He was rejected more than 1000 times. You really need to have a persistent attitude to win and become successful.

Secret Tip # 4

Learn Accepting Failure to Become Successful

No one surely likes failure. We are striving to succeed, however, lots of people working so that they will become successful financially are failing. However, if you ask someone who is successful nowadays, they'll surely got a simple answer how to become successful: "you need to make your failures an experience to live by".

Mr. Thomas Watson, he is IBM's founder, said that "If you want to be successful faster, you must double your rate of failure." Then added: "Success lies on the far side of failure." It is due to failure that makes someone much stronger, much motivated and can adapt more to life's challenges. When your planning on your finances for the future, you are bound on taking some risks. The truth is, your way in responding to the risks in life can tell how can you truly become successful.

So, don't be afraid of failure. Failing in life comes naturally, even if you plan every journey of your life or the path on success, and it really is when you face failure that you'll raise your boldness and courage for your future. The truth is, when your acting positively even though success is not among your reach nowadays, the fear inside you decreases and your self esteem, fortitude and courage are increasing..

You need to do this habit of doing things that your afraid of, because there will come a time that you'll reach that point wherein you'll not be having fears anymore. All failures will become the path to your success.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secret Tip # 3

Avoid Debt As Much As Possible

Looking into people's lives who are in such a financial disaster, i guess no one will ever thought that they once have an abundant, prosperous and wealthy type of lifestyle usually in their business or family lives. Being affluent never means it will be yours forever, if you don't have self discipline in terms of your spending habits. It will really be a shocking news if you heard of an instant millionaire and soon an instant beggar around your streets. But, why are they already broke down from that type of prosperous lifestyle? Well, its very simple: they are people who love to spend their earnings to much, its also the reason why they have so much debts. 

Debts are loans that are unpaid, it includes your charge of credit card, bank or your dream house mortgage. To build your wealth, its really a big problem if you cannot pay it all of. But, there are times in one's life that you really need money, so you borrow a lone to get your dream. As an example, when availing of a loan in the bank in order to setup your own business. Maybe you also need line of credit if your business is beginning to rise up, then you would like it to expand. 

But, point is, there's a need to avoid debt, by spending small with it and to spend within your alloted income budgt. Always remember, a debt is forcing you to live and spend in such a way that is very uncomfortable already. If you are full of debt, chances are that your decision will not be yours anymore.  

Secret Tip # 2

Setup A Lifelong Goal

Is there a goal you've been dreaming and you would like to get it for years already? "Action speaks louder than words" The plans on your life goals will remain "as is" if you don't act it out or do something to achieve those. So, there is a need for you to understand what you'd like and make it happen, for your goals.

Needless to say, everyone have their own goals, however, is it the goal meant so you'll succeed? Are they specific, realistic and well defined, or this goal very unreachable and unclear? There are lots of people who already setup a goal but it lack a clear objective.

Setting up a lifelong goal must include choices to those things like family, career as well as financial aspects. Effective goals do need to cover it on different span of time. Firstly, setup your objectives and then to  break it down from short up to medium range goals.

Your goal need to cover a minimum range of plan for at least 5 years, however it is better if you setup a lifelong range in plans professionally. A goal which is of medium range must cover at least 5-year plan, while the short range goal might cover incoming or current year. There's a need to think of plans for your goals, there are those goals who definitely can bloom and sprout, while others will not. When you set goals, there's a need to become flexible and you allow changes to happen in your life.